A live performer at heart… That is Faith Marie.

Faith Marie"Memphis is where the music comes from, I wasn't there long but I think something got into my bottle."

Faith Marie is a singer/songwriter who performs with heart, soul, and a lot of wiggle. "It's true, I don't stand still very well."

Performance has been her passion and our pleasure for most of her life. Born on a naval Base in Memphis, TN, Faith is steeped in music. Cutting her teeth early singing Gospel and Country, She found her true calling when she picked up a guitar. Her love of storytelling comes through in her lyrics. Upon release of her first album "Twenty Minutes" one of her personal dreams came true. "I just remember thinking... there it is! and it sounds good!"

Writing music and performing have become much more than an occupation for Faith. She breathes her heart and soul into the music she makes. This debut album is only the beginning.